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Look for ‘success factors’ in interviews

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in Hiring,Human Resources

Ready to interview job candidates? Start by establishing criteria that give you something more substantial to go on than simply whether you like or dislike a candidate. This job analysis prepares you to determine who is best prepared to succeed. Consider the following categories of "success factors":

Interpersonal skills. Friendliness, assertiveness, preference for working in teams (or alone), verbal skills, persuasiveness, tact, candor.

Personality traits. Persistence, creativity, following rules and procedures, handling obstacles well, optimism, high energy, emphasis on feelings (or on facts), poise, being a self-starter.

Motivation. Desire for achievement, high earnings, helping people, doing creative work, power, increasing knowledge.

Leadership. Skills in planning, organizing, delegating, motivating.

Technical aptitude. The extent of the applicant's specialized knowledge, and skill in putting it to use.

Thinking style. The tendency to think in a way that's organized, detail-focused, big-picture oriented, objective (or intuitive). A sales position, for example, might call for assertiveness, a preference for working solo, persuasiveness, the ability to handle obstacles, optimism, high energy, being a self-starter, and a desire for high earnings. You can add your own criteria, of course. The point is to make a list broad enough to include key skills, yet specific enough that you're not looking for the All-Purpose Perfect Employee. You want someone who'll do well in the particular post you have available.

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