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Your Office Coach

Get aggressive when the company is changing around you

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Q: "My office will probably be closed by the company sometime next year. There are only two of us at this location, and our headquarters is in a different state. I would like to continue my career here, so I’m quite willing to relocate.  However, I don’t know how to get the attention of anyone in corporate management

"Over the years, I have assisted several corporate employees with special projects, and I believe they would describe me as conscientious and reliable. I also have many ideas for streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. How can I find another position within the company?" Job in Jeopardy

A: Start by getting in touch with your current corporate contacts. Let them know that you are seeking a transfer and ask if they would be willing to provide a favorable reference. Even if these folks are not in management themselves, they undoubtedly know people who are.

Next, you need to have a talk with your human resources manager, because the HR department is frequently involved in staffing decisions. Express your interest in staying with the company, and don’t be afraid to engage in some appropriate self-promotion.

For example: “Even if this office is closed, I still hope to continue my career here. I’m willing to relocate, so I would like to talk with you about transfer opportunities. My corporate colleagues can verify that I am hard-working and dependable.  I’m also knowledgeable about field operations and have ideas for improving our business processes. What career options do you see for someone with my background?”

Finally, don’t wait too long to have these conversations. Decisions about layoffs and transfers are likely to be made well before the office closure is announced.

It's important to recognize the opportunities & pitfalls which can affect your career. Here are ten examples: Ten Critical Career Moments.

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