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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

What is the biggest error leaders make? Thinking they know the answers when they don’t. It’s called hubris. You can get plenty of data, but you’re not going to get any information if you think you know it already. In his classic work The Art of War, Sun Tzu was right: You need to know your adversaries and yourself.

  1. Do your homework. You want the right information. Spend the time.

  2. Ask people. Maybe you don’t have spies, like Sun Tzu, but the right people know what you need to know.

  3. Keep checking. Hubris is your enemy.

  4. Don’t give up easily. Who knows what crazy information your opposition might be working from? As Sun Tzu said, great leaders exploit and manipulate the assumptions of the other side.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

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