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Leadership Tips, Vol. 614

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Hold your ego in check. Slava Rubin, CEO of Indiegogo, wears a company T-shirt when he flies but stays low-key about his own role: “I don’t tell people I’m the company’s co-founder. I say I work there. Then, if they ask, I say I work on the business side, and then if they ask further, I say I’m the CEO.”

— Adapted from “Keep Calm and Carry On,” Daniel Roberts, Fortune.

Help employees. Late Night host Seth Meyers says his boss, Lorne Michaels, keeps things on an even keel. If a show tanks, he’ll say, “There was a sense of appreciation from the audience for what you were attempting to do.” If it triumphs, he’ll say, “Let’s see how you do tomorrow.”

— Adapted from “Wise Guy: Seth Meyers,” interview by Andrew Goldman, Details.

Focus. Creativity requires strict discipline. Asked how to become more creative, tech executive COO Leslie Bradshaw says: “Go deep and master something. Going wide spreads your focus too thin.”

— Adapted from “Most Creative People,” Fast Company.

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