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Save time with IFTTT

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

If you like saving time by establishing automatic systems that don’t require a lot of hands-on work on your part, you will probably love IFTTT. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It’s a free, Web-based system that lets you tie apps together so that if something happens on one, another will do something. If you like saving time by establishing automatic systems, you will probably love IFTTT.

For example, if you receive an email with an attachment, you can automatically have it saved to a specific storage area (such as a Dropbox folder). You can also get a text reminder when something is due. Or each time you receive a new LinkedIn connection, it can send an email to your assistant to invite the person to subscribe to the newsletter.

The trigger-action combinations are called recipes, and you can easily browse them by category. New recipes are constantly being added, so you can browse through them and find things you don’t even know you needed.

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