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What women get wrong on the job

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Lois Frankel, author of Nice Girls Still Don’t Get The Corner Office, shares the most common mistakes women make that prevent them from keeping their careers on track.

•  Raising red flags. Women who tend to blow the whistle on every little problem may face consequences and retaliation from co-workers.

•  Keeping quiet. If you’re there, share. Many women skip meetings rather than speaking up and marketing themselves and their expertise.

•  Giving away ideas. Women should share ideas, and follow up with questions such as “can we begin execution immediately on this?” to keep the ball (and rightful credit) in their court.

•  Keeping the wrong company. Women tend to protect and tolerate toxic co-workers. Immediately separate yourself from anyone who displays bad behavior, even if it’s your boss.

— Adapted from “The most common mistakes that derail a woman’s career,” Vickie Elmer, Quartz.

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