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Leading a team when you’re not the boss

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in Workplace Communication

Being part of a team of equals doesn’t mean individual members lack accountability to each other, Vertical­­­Response CEO Janine Popick writes. Popick offers these tips to help you get results from co-workers when you’re responsible for a shared outcome.

•  Understand their motivations. Is she a newbie looking to prove herself? Is he a longtime employee who might be excited to break up his old routine with a new project? A lack of accountability could be a sign these colleagues aren’t being pushed in a direction that converges with their personal interests.

•  Keep following up on deadlines. Communicate with your teammates about deadlines and get a commitment from them at the start. Follow up with regular check-ins that offer them the chance to discuss any concerns about the project or any delays or obstacles they’ve en­­countered; they’ll be better able to see the task to completion.

•  Remember: Everyone contributes, which is why everyone an­swers to everyone. From the C-suite to managers to employees, everyone is working their hardest to deliver a quality product and experience to clients, so there’s no room for resentment. There won’t be a single person without tasks to complete, deadlines to meet and work to be done.

— Adapted from “You Don’t Report to Me, But I’m Counting on You,” Janine Popick, Inc.

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