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How to keep the boss focused

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

These days, everyone has a hard time focusing. But when it’s the boss who’s afflicted with a short attention span, an administrative professional must take steps to ensure work moves forward and things get done.

Here’s how to handle a distracted boss:

1.  Always be prepared. With an inattentive or unfocused boss, you always have to be ready to drop what you’re doing to handle sudden requests. Keep a notebook and pen handy at all times. Save whatever you’re working on at every opportunity, so nothing gets lost when you’re abruptly summoned to the boss’s office. Bring a list of questions you need answered along with relevant documents or emails.

2.  Take lots of notes. When you attend a meeting with your boss, write everything down. Afterward, send him a copy of your notes with a polite accompanying message, “Here’s what took place for your records.”

3.  Get your boss’s attention. You may have to stand at your boss’s desk unti...(register to read more)

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