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Plunging morale leads to conflict, resentment

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

Times have been tough at your company in recent years. Declining sales have led to cutbacks, eliminating perks, raising the cost of benefits, and ultimately to downsizing. You used to lead a team of 12 people. Now you have seven—three of whom are new hires brought on to replace senior staffers who took buyouts.

Of course, your team's overall workload hasn't changed. Those new hires are great employees. They're cheerful and hardworking, anxious to impress you, and quick to follow all the established procedures and rules. But the four veterans are just the opposite. They look and act more sullen every day. They resent the longer hours and extra work.

Today, tensions came to a head. "Those new hires are always doing things to make you think they're terrific," one of your longtime team members told you, rather heatedly. "And you act like you love it. Meanwhile, the company kicks us around, and we're supposed to smile and like it...(register to read more)

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