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Put the squeeze on your lowest-performing worker

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

Three goals for March:

1. Put the squeeze on your lowest-performing worker.

We're not suggesting that you terminate the laggard tomorrow. But communicate more forcefully your unwillingness to tolerate substandard performance. Meet with the individual and set a timetable for producing measurable gains. Put everything in writing so there's no ambiguity. Ask, "Are you aware of the consequences if you do not meet our standards?"

Sure, it's easier to avoid such unpleasantness. The head-in-the-sand strategy will backfire, however, and co-workers' performance will decline as well. Cut the cord on a poor performer and it elevates everyone's game.

2. Dangle a challenge to your team.

Even if your employees already have monthly goals, lop on an optional 30-day challenge with an enticing reward if they achieve it.

3. Take a two-hour workday break at least once this month.

You're thinking, "Yeah, right! I don't have time." But consider this: Research shows that taking two hours to walk in a park or wander a museum can stimulate the brain, reduce stress and energize your work performance.

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