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Spur project managers to stay the course

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

As much as you want to motivate everyone, it’s especially important that you drive your project managers to persevere amid setbacks. If group leaders express cynicism or lethargy about their team’s mission, it can sink everyone’s effort.

Your project managers may feel as if they’re always fighting uphill battles for funding and implementing their initiatives. They need to know that you support their engagement and that you eagerly await the payoff that accrues from their work.

To light a fire under project leaders, reinforce your commitment to championing their cause. Mention their efforts to higher-ups and give enthusiastic reports on the project team’s progress in your internal newsletters and staff meetings.

If roadblocks arise, stay attuned to the outcome. Don’t abandon the project manager while your attention shifts away. Once you establish a pattern of initiating regular communication with project leaders (say, once a week), you can demotivate them if you initiate less and less contact as problems arise or distractions overtake you.

Most importantly, tie your success to your project manager’s achievements. When these individuals realize that you have a vested interest in the fruits of their labor, they will take their role more seriously and shove aside potential obstacles.


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