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Work well with tech vendors

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in Office Management,Office Organizer

For many managers, purchasing information technology services and products is tough enough. But when software vendors or other tech salespeople exert pressure, it only gets worse.

They may claim that you must act now to secure a discount—or risk paying higher prices if you dither. Yet in the hotly competitive tech marketplace, steep price increases rarely stick. To make a sale, many vendors will extend the deadline for discounts or rebates at your request.

Make your decision-making process clear to salespeople. The pros appreciate your need to do due diligence, explore possible solutions and evaluate options with your colleagues. Ask that they honor your time frame if they want to win the business.

Is the speakerphone really necessary?

One of the best ways to squash the free-flowing, honest exchange of ideas and information in a phone conversation is to ask, “Can I put you on speaker?”

Most people will give their permission. But they will also think twice about opening up to you or asking key questions as a result.

Consider how you feel when you’re speaking to an unknown audience. Because you’re unsure who (or how many people) might be hearing your voice, you may use guarded language and refrain from stating strong but vital opinions.


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