Get the team together for a Huddle

Many of us work with colleagues who are based in different places. Coordinating progress and figuring out how to work together can be a time-consuming endeavor. That’s why Huddle is a lifesaver.

Huddle is a cloud-based tool designed to make group collaboration more convenient. In some ways, it seems like a virtual version of the group of tools you probably already use at the office: There are whiteboards, meeting rooms, discussion areas, files and folders. You can also save and share files with other members of your team (be sure to check out the “batch edit” function to make changes to multiple files all at once). And to keep things organized, you can create a separate workspace for each project. With Huddle, you can access your files and projects from anywhere. Sign on using your smartphone or portable device. You can try out Huddle free for 14 days, and then monthly plans start at about $20.