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Link Excel work sheets trouble-free

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in Excel Training,Office Technology

Have you ever created your own nightmare by linking work sheets? Your workbook has nowhere to grow. Error messages pop up unexpectedly. And troubleshooting becomes an exercise in terror. Try these techniques to create links between work sheets easily and keep your workbook nimble.

Single cell link

Let’s say you want to make January’s ending balance (January work sheet cell: D25) the beginning balance value for February (February work sheet cell: D2). Start by typing an equals sign (=) in the February beginning balance cell, and then navigate to the January work sheet ending balance cell. Once you type an equals sign into a cell, Excel follows you to wherever you finally click on a cell. When you select the ending balance cell, just press Enter.

You’ve actually created a simple formula that sets the value in D2 on the February equal to the value in D25 on the January work sheet. Cell D2 in February should look like this: =Jan...(register to read more)

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