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Reap the power of the pause

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

The French phrase "the spirit of the stairs" (esprit d'escalier) refers to our tendency to belatedly think of a witty answer to someone's comment. We're heading down the stairs when we realize what we should have said.

It's frustrating to identify the perfect comeback line after a conversation ends. But you can minimize the problem by pausing before you speak.

Waiting an extra second before responding to a question—or making an important statement—gives you a chance to self-edit. During the pause, you might think of a clearer or more effective way to convey your point.

Better yet, your ability to pause prevents you from saying something you regret later. It allows you to anticipate an audience's reaction and modulate your message accordingly.

Shrewd public figures routinely ponder even the simplest questions from reporters before answering. Impulsive personalities, by contrast, blurt out whatever pops into their mind.

When Yasuo Fukuda, Japan's outgoing prime minister, fielded journalists' questions in September about why he was resigning less than a year into his term, he lost his composure and didn't pause before speaking. At one point, the 72-year-old snapped, "You say I'm irresponsible, but do I really have to take care of everything?"

Fukuda's petulant comment played countless times on Japanese national television, The Wall Street Journal reports. Perhaps he didn't care. But if your image matters to you, give yourself sufficient silence to consider what you want to say when the stakes are high.


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