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Beware of three traps

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

To sharpen your personal magnetism, avoid self-sabotage. Steer clear of traps that undermine your likability:

Dominating every conversation. Ideally, you want to let others control the conversational flow. If they're excited discussing procedural details or summarizing a favorite movie, keep quiet and indulge them.

Don't change the subject. When you impose your will onto the conversation, you alienate people who prefer to keep chatting about what they enjoy.

If you're bored, draw conclusions from what you hear such as, "Thanks for explaining those details so clearly" or "I can see why you loved that movie." The key is to wrap up on a friendly note without signaling impatience.

Answering your own questions. After you ask a question, purse your lips shut and await a response. Don't jump in and answer!

Some people need an extra few seconds to ponder your inquiry and think through what they're about to say. Give them that cushion of silence.

Laughing at your own jokes. If you're the only one reacting merrily to your stories, you're in trouble.


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