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Three goals for May

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1. Mitigate conflict by stating your intention.

If you’re caught in a thorny conflict with a peer or employee, establish a fresh start by stating your intent. Emphasize your goal—and how it benefits both parties.

Tell the individual, “My intent is to enable us to work together successfully. That way, we both come out of this winners.” Then listen. By stepping back and expressing your intent, you reduce confrontation and invite dialogue.

2. Say what you want, not what you want to avoid.

Make May the month that you sharpen your persuasive power by telling employees what outcome you want, rather than cautioning them against making mistakes.

If you don’t want them to mispronounce a word, pronounce it correctly and urge them to follow suit. Avoid saying “Stop mispronouncing it!” or you risk increasing the odds that they will become anxious and repeat their mistake.

3. Cut the catastrophizing.

In severe economic downturns, it’s easy to adopt a gloomy outlook with your staff. You may cast every situation in the most negative light, leaving everyone dispirited.

In May, commit to speaking in more neutral terms. Even if current conditions seem devastating, realize that you aren’t facing a catastrophe unless there’s no worse alternative. Find the silver lining, regain perspective and reframe setbacks as challenges to conquer.


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