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Announcing the winners of the Administrative Professionals Week survey

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A big thanks to everyone who participated in our Administrative Professionals Week celebration. Let us know on the Admin Pro Forum how you were recognized for all your hard work.

Below are the winning responses—and a few of our other favorites—to our survey about your amazing team of admins.

Question #1: Describe the most awesome moment you've experienced involving admins helping other admins.


"I've been involved with a networking group of admins from different businesses around our city for the past few years. Last year we planned and executed a reception for other admins at other businesses throughout the city. The businesses we work for all thought it was a great idea and they each sponsored the event with cash and physical donations (including welcome gifts). We used the contact list from our Chamber of Commerce for our invitations (105 invites/60 attendees!), and we solicited donations from businesses for some great door prizes. We had a wonderful speaker who truly values who we are and what we do in our profession, and some great food and drink. It was a huge success! And we worked together like a well-oiled machine! It's amazing how much can happen when the ultimate 'go-to' people are doing the work!"

"Our VA had sponsored a Take Your Child to Work Day. It involved a lot of work to plan an entire day to teach children between the ages of nine and 17 the different services we had to offer at our VA. Tours of departments, demonstrations, speakers, etc. were planned and I was the lead of the event and one of the chaperone/tour guides with the children all day. It was very rewarding to see how other admins/employees were willing to take the time out of their busy days to help show different job opportunities for the children to experience and consider for future careers … The interest and questions from the children and the happy faces among the children and staff members was very rewarding. We were all tired at the end of the day, but learned from each other and it was a great experience I won't ever forget. Perfect example of good teamwork."

"I had an accident while working at a large aerospace corporation and had to be out of work for eight weeks. There were two other support specialists within my group who stepped in and covered for me. They both ran all the reports that were usually my responsibility, did some major presentation work and covered for all the other things that were part of my job. Although I had given them procedure notes, showed them where the files and materials they would need were located and gave them my home phone number, they never once needed to call me. They did an amazing job and left me in a very good position to be able to return to work with minimal stress! They were a really great pair and I made them both afghans while I was out. We continued to support each other throughout our time together and I still keep in touch with them."

Gift Basket Winner

"In addition to my duties at my company's home office, I used to drive to our sister office (over 100 miles round trip) once or twice a week to perform administrative duties. After five years, the company hired another AA to work in that office full time. I had the task of training her. At our next annual Christmas party, where both offices get together to meet face to face and mingle, we were introducing ourselves and explaining our job duties. When it was the new AA's turn, she stood up and said, 'I am the Jodi of the Decatur office now. She has taught me everything I know and I am still learning.' I was next and when I stood up (everyone in the room knew me), everyone applauded. At that moment I knew all the hard work I put in day after day is well worth it!"

Question #2: Imagine the Office Olympics have arrived, and in the final event to decide it all, it's your admin team against the highest executives in the company. What makes you the favorite to win instead of them?


"Our admin team can navigate through the most difficult of events because we are organizer gurus. We don't crack under pressure, we are team players, and we remain focused with our eyes on the prize. In the end, we reach the goal unscathed and victorious!"

"Admins think of an overall solution and execs think of a tactical solution for that moment. Admins are liked by all in the company for doing the dirty work and getting it done quickly. Winners every time amongst the people!"

Gift Basket Winner:

"Our admin team would win because we would map out the victory far in advance using the nuts and bolts knowledge our bosses don't quite have. We would use Excel to analyze the tendencies of the competition, use our Outlook and SharePoint expertise to get the right people together every day to review our plan, and access information about past winners through working the Web. Then we'd finish the deal by doing what we do best: getting down in the mud with our sleeves rolled up to make sure we win even if we have to get dirty doing it!"

Question #3: What's the weirdest, craziest team-building activity you've ever participated in?


"We had a blindfold on and were told to make the noise of a particular animal that we were given hats for, and had to find all of the other animals with the same sound, then corral them until we were told to stop and then we were able to see that just by listening, we could get with the others with the same animal hat."

"ER Monopoly: We made a pseudo-Monopoly board and played the game using our Emergency Room layout as the catalyst … it was fun!"

"I once worked for a company where the HR Director thought it a great idea to have the admins go to one of those 'nature boot camps' where you do crazy stuff like fall backwards off platforms into the arms of your team, climb in trees and get to each other through mud and obstacle courses. By the end of the day we were so dirty, cold and disgusted with one another, I'm surprised we didn't beat each other senseless. The only thing that bonded us together was how angry we were at the HR Director …"

"Another admin and I created an office murder mystery involving the staff on our floor. Several of us dressed the part and we created clues and had stations where staff had to question the characters. Of course, food was part of the event. Loads of fun!"

Gift Basket Winner:

"The weirdest, craziest team building activity I have participated in is when our team went on a duck tour in Boston. Our team leader made sure we all had our duck call beaks, and as we made our way through the streets of Boston we were quacking away. The children we passed along the way loved it. The tour guide was so funny, he had us all roaring with laughter and quacking of course. It was a great way to get to know each other outside the office."

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