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Prepare for performance reviews

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in Leaders & Managers,Performance Reviews

With year-end performance reviews just around the corner, now's a good time to build your personnel files for the task ahead. Make sure that you have a well-documented account of each employee’s performance, attitude and behavior.

Performance appraisals flow more smoothly when you can draw upon recorded evidence of an individual’s actions over the last six months or year. Each incident—positive or negative—should include a date, time and concrete description of what happened.

If you notice a lack of documentation in a worker’s file, use the next month or two to amass written observations. For critical material, check your organization’s policy regarding derogatory information. You may need to notify the employee of any negative documentation and allow the individual to comment on it. Employees often have the right to include their own commentary and attach it to your documentation.

Enlist your employees’ help. Ask them to document their own performance highs and lows and discuss them with you. By generating a fruitful dialogue now, you pave the way for an easier performance review process later.


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