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Hosting productive training sessions

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

One of the most overlooked aspects of leading teams is training them to excel. Just as individuals benefit from professional development, it pays to develop the skills and competencies of your work groups.

Consulting firms often provide worthwhile training programs. Ideally, you should combine these skill-building seminars with your own hands-on efforts.

Here’s how to lead fruitful training sessions for your team:

  • Survey their needs. Give your team members a menu of choices for training topics. Ask them to prioritize each option. The results will help you assess what issues matter most to the group.
  • Seek team input when setting objectives. Once you decide on a topic for a training session, involve the group in crafting learning objectives. Ask, “What specific takeaways do you want from this?”
  • Encourage demonstrations. Combine talk with action to foster more learning. Ask individuals to demonstrate a new skill for the group—or model it yourself and lead a discussion.
  • Track your progress. Monitor your results throughout the training process by posing a series of questions to the group. Before you begin, ask, “What do you want to gain from this session?” Midway through the program, ask, “Am I meeting your expectations?” (Be ready to make adjustments midstream to accommodate group feedback.)

At the close of the session, ask, “What will you commit to doing differently?” and “What have you learned?” Record the answers and distribute them to remind team members of key learning tools.

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