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Three goals for January

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

Run collaborative meetings that engage people.

Rather than make big decisions in meetings and then ask, “Any questions?,” try a different tack in January. Start by laying out the complexities of the issue at hand. Then state your need to make a final decision with the group’s help.

Invite people to chime in. Welcome their input. Give everyone a chance to talk. Then make the decision by integrating their feedback as much as possible.

Keep two to-do lists to manage time better.

Begin each week with two worksheets: a day-by-day priority list filled with short-term tasks and a weekly priority list con-sisting of larger, ongoing projects. Adjust your daily priority list to correspond with scheduled meetings on your calendar.

As fires break out and you fall behind on your daily list, revise your weekly priorities and recalibrate your time so that you address the most pressing items before the week ends.

Enhance training by assigning experiments.

Rather than send your employees to off-site training seminars in January, try something different: Have them stage an experiment and analyze the results with you.

By encouraging them to take action and examine cause-effect relationships, you sharpen their skills. They may see new ways to manage old tasks. Learning by doing thus becomes a training tool that can double as a profitable exercise in generating great ideas.

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