Casual atmosphere keeps iProspect employees engaged

Employees of digital marketing firm iProspect play foosball and shoot hoops in between working with clients who hire the firm to boost their online presence.

The Fort Worth organization allows employees to take breaks in a game room, a practice that President Jeremy Confeldt says “brings a unique and casual atmosphere to our office culture.”

Adding to the casual culture: a policy that lets employees wear shorts to work two days a week on hot days. In addition, workers may bring their dogs to work, and they enjoy a monthly “bonding” lunch that allows co-workers to eat together and get to know one another.

Employees earn four weeks of paid vacation after two years on the job, can flex their schedules during the summer and miss any three “optional days” during the year. The organization is closed between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

Contact: Andrea Dorsett of iProspect, (214) 957-5990.

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