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Tech Tips: Power up your phone

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in Office Technology

Power up your cell phone for extended use

It seems that cell phones run out of juice just when you need them most. That’s why heavy users often travel with extra batteries.

As an extra precaution, you may be able to purchase devices that prolong battery life. The Juice Pack (by Mophie Inc.) fits around newer versions of Apple’s iPhone and constantly provides a charge as you use it. Other portable chargers require standard AA batteries and connect to many types of smart phones. Some offerings hype their environmentally friendly features (such as the Solio Hybrid Solar Charger from Better Energy Systems Ltd. or the sun-powered charger from Pocket Solutions).

To show techies you care, heap praise upon gratitude

For great service from your help-desk colleagues, add a human touch to your business relationship. When they rescue data from your computer, write letters of gratitude to them and copy their boss. If they research a technical problem, thank them for their efforts. And bring them a plate of homemade cookies!

Wick Moorman, chief executive of Norfolk Southern Corp., recalls his years as head of the railroad company’s information-technology department by calling it “a dog-eared job: every year in it, you age by seven.” By showering techies with kindness, you stand apart from exasperated co-workers who give them grief.

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