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A little favoritism fans the flames

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Your most valuable employee, Vince, is a master multitasker. He takes cell phone calls while he’s talking with you. He can negotiate two deals at a time—one online and one over the phone. He uses his BlackBerry in meetings while listening to the discussion.

Normally, you enforce certain rules related to gadget use in meetings. You forbid people from bringing in cell phones. You chastise anyone who’s caught sneaking a peek at an iPhone or BlackBerry. You’ve found that employees pay attention and contribute more to the proceedings when they jettison their devices before they enter.

Vince ignores your rules. In meetings, he’s constantly doing two or three things at once. And the other employees can’t help but notice.

Vince’s behavior makes them angry. But they don’t blame him; they blame you.

“If you’d let me bring my cell phone into meetings, I could at least know when a VIP customer is calling,” one of your employees told you...(register to read more)

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