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Three goals for June

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Map out your argument with a numbered list of points.

Support your assertions by lining up your best pieces of evidence—and numbering them. This way, you’ll model the kind of seamless, systematic approach you want staffers to emulate.

Example: To urge compliance with a procedure, say, “There are three reasons to follow this protocol.” Then summarize each reason in one sentence. Encourage employees to follow your lead and substantiate their claims with numbered lists.

Reveal vital news to everyone at once to prevent leaks.

When sharing big news, inform your whole staff at the same time. Gather them in a room or via conference call, tell them what they need to know and invite questions.

Beware of leaking the news to trusted allies ahead of your staff meeting. All it takes for rumors to fly is one person accidentally (or deliberately) letting slip a juicy tidbit. Plus, you cannot accurately gauge employees’ reaction if they’ve already heard what you’re about to say.

Adopt the “I listen, you talk” rule to build trust with your team.

Here’s a great way to bond with employees in June: Let them talk to you—without interruption. Set office hours and tell workers to drop by and share whatever’s on their minds.

Promise not to speak unless they ask you a question. That enables you to listen without worrying about how you respond. By fully concentrating on what you hear (and observing your staffers’ body language), you’ll glean more insight.

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