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Three goals for July

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1. Maintain erect posture to reinforce your authority.

If you’re tired, you might slouch as the day wears on. Don’t let that happen in July: Challenge yourself to stand up straight when you walk into a room or stop and talk to colleagues.

When you stand tall with the weight on the balls of your feet so that your heels barely graze the floor, you gain both internal and external benefits. You’ll feel calmer and more grounded emotionally. And others will perceive you as a confident leader with commanding presence.

2. Start greeting others by name—and observe their response.

If you’re like many managers, you don’t use others’ names when you greet them. Whether you run into a co-worker whom you see occasionally or you talk to a vendor or consultant, you may slip into a conversation without uttering the person’s name.

In July, smile and say the person’s name when you say hello. Then start chatting. Note the difference: People tend to open up and feel better about you when they hear you greet them personally.

3. Before you share your opinion, confirm the relevant facts.

When someone seeks your opinion about a controversial topic, don’t start spouting too soon. First, clarify the facts. Say, “Before I give my opinion, I want to make sure we’re on the same page in terms of our understanding of this issue.”

After you review the facts, give the other person a chance to refute or correct you. This exchange of information can prove more valuable and revealing than if you simply plunge in and deliver your verdict.

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