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4 indicators of poor ethical decisions

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers

ethics signA vendor seems to be implying that your company could take advantage of some very deep discounts in the future if you consider putting his daughter on the payroll. What should you do?

When you’re facing a choice that has ethical implications, you may be unsure of how to make a decision.

QMR—The Respectful Workplace Company—recommends that you reconsider a decision if you are:

  • Wondering if it’s legal. If you find yourself scrambling to find out whether the action you’re contemplating is legal, chances are it isn’t ethical.
  • Trying to keep it a secret. If you are concerned about what will happen if your decision becomes widely known, reconsider the choice you’re making.
  • Making rationalizations. Phrases such as “They owe me” or “No one will ever know” are usually signs that you are trying to rationalize something you know isn’t right.
  • Feeling in your gut that it’s wrong. Listen to what your inner voice is telling you.

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