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Admin risk: Carpal tunnel syndrome

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

If you spend all day working on your computer, your wrists may be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. Drake Baer offers tips on how to keep it at bay.

  1. Change how you type. Type with your wrists and elbows in a straight line and your arms parallel. This position is called “neutral wrist,” and will help alleviate carpal pressure.
  2. Stretch your wrists. Before you start typing, take time to warm up your wrists by gently stretching them.
  3. Step away. Give your wrists a break by taking time to step away from the computer for short breaks.
  4. Listen to your pain. If you’re experiencing wrist pain, don’t ignore it. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know there’s a problem.

— Adapted from “How to Stop Worrying About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,” Drake Baer, Fast Company.

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