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Make time to pursue your passion

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clock and calendarMany people’s day job and passion are separate pursuits, but there’s a way to manage your time and be successful at both.

The first step is to separate the two. “It’s too easy to think about work when you’re pursuing your passion, and think about your passion when you’re at work. Then it becomes a nonstop ‘daydream effect’ in which you’re not putting all you have into any one thing,”  says Lori Osterberg, a small business coach at Visions of Success.

The next step to pursuing your passion is carving out time to do it. “Schedule time on your calendar for both your passion and your day job,” says life coach Sharon Lamm-Hartman. “For example, one of my clients is able to work a four-day workweek, and she keeps Fridays for writing her book. Some of my clients schedule from 5 to 7 p.m. daily for pursuing their passion. The key is scheduling time to focus on their passion.”

Dave Denaro, vice president at Keystone Associates, says, “A wise man once told me ‘you can’t make time to do things, you can only ­manage your time.’ So prioritize what’s most important to you and get those pursuits on your calendar. In ink.”

The next step is to take action. “What are the bite-size chunks that it’ll take to get you there? Write out benchmarks that you’ll be hitting each day, each week, and each month, and then work your plan,” says Genevieve West, who writes about relationships and is co-owner of a creamery.

When outlining your goals and actions, follow a “SMART” guideline, says Marcus Maclean, founder and CEO of The Million Dollar Case Study: “I set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited). This was when things really started to happen. I soon realized that when you know what you want, and you have specific goals written down, you can achieve just about anything.”

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