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Health Corner: Smart eating habits

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According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 49% of the people who skip breakfast are overweight or obese. Unfortunately, those individuals can grow accustomed to eating more as the day wears on.

Moving to lunchtime, most managers know that they should take a real break around noon. A brisk walk is energizing.

As for lunch itself, gobbling a sandwich at your desk can prove costly. Researchers at England's University of Bristol found that people who ate a meal while playing a game on their computer consumed double the calories for dessert a half-hour later compared with those who ditched the game and walked somewhere for lunch.

"If you eat while distracted, you remember less about the food and don't feel as full," reports Men's Health. "This can make you hungrier later on."

Ignorance of what you eat compounds the problem—and the pounds. Many of us know we should read nutrition labels of processed food so that we limit our fat and calorie intake. But during a stressful workday, it's tempting to partake of any food that's within reach—including a tray of chocolates—without considering the repercussions.

Junk begets junk

When we consume candy, cookies, salty snacks or other junk food, we want more, studies show. Choosing to indulge "just a little" tends to intensify our craving for the same type of food.

Ask people who've successfully lost weight and kept it off, and they will tell you that they broke the cycle. They drastically limit their consumption of junk food and incorporate healthy eating habits into their day, whether by bringing to work their own veggies as snacks or avoiding certain foods.

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