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The risk of radiation exposure

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in HR Management,Human Resources

In the year since an earthquake and tsunami triggered Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, employees around the world are more aware of the dangers of radiation. Swirling anxiety has led to much debate about workplace safety protocols that reduce radiation exposure.

The risk of radiation poisoning is extremely low for most employees in offices, retail stores, factories and class-rooms. While industries such as manufacturing, defense and healthcare may produce artificial radiation to varying degrees, many experts agree that exposure to harmful amounts of ionizing radiation is rare.

The risk escalates in underground work environments. Jobs that require people to spend significant time in basements, mines and subterranean service ducts can pose a problem. That’s because radon readings are often higher underground and in poorly ventilated, cramped rooms on a ground floor.

Your risk of experiencing the harmful effects of radiation also depends on other factors, including age, gender and genetics. Research shows that children face greater risk than adults of radiation-caused thyroid cancer. Women are at more risk of certain radiation-induced cancers than men. And some people are born with genetic predispositions to certain radiation-related diseases.

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ecoguy April 9, 2014 at 1:38 pm

I don’t believe that its safe for a freakin minute! TEPCO has been lying about the actual radiation readings to everyone from the beginning to this very day! More people in the Fukushima area are being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and other cancers due to TEPCO’s gross negligence! They should be providing the radiation detox mineral called zeolite to everyone that has been exposed to radiation but they are not helping anyone in a positive way! More people are being exposed to radiation every day! Anyone that feels that they may have been exposed to radiation from the contaminated air or from eating Pacific Ocean fish or seafood should think about doing a radiation detox with the mineral zeolite which has been proven to safely remove radiation from the body! For more information do a simple search for the single word zeolite!


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