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Making performance reviews as painless as possible

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in Leaders & Managers,Performance Reviews

What’s the one day of the year managers and employees both usually dread? Performance reviews. Many supervisors find it difficult to fit in the time to write the review, and delivering helpful suggestions for improvement can be unpleasant. Employees tend to dislike hearing any type of criticism, no matter what the intent, and if raises are tied in to the equation, most think the amount is never enough.

Here are some guidelines to make the process as painless as possible:

Keep good records

You do have a folder, either online or hard copy, for each employee, don’t you? Throughout the year every time an employee does something worth remembering, whether it is positive or negative, simply place a note in his or her folder. When it comes time to write the review, all the information you need should be readily available.

Employee input

It never hurts to also ask employees ahead of time to put together a list of their accomplishmen...(register to read more)

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