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How Your Health Affects Productivity

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One simple principle is overlooked time and again during our busy days: Staying healthy has a positive effect not only on a manager’s work performance but also on the performance of his or her team. Incorporating an array of healthy work habits will improve your health and generate a more productive team. Here’s how:

Take a break

Working nonstop for hours on end isn’t the same thing as getting quality work accomplished. Instead, take short breaks every 90 minutes or so, mainly to change your thinking and activity.

Eat smart, drink often

If you eat junk food for lunch, you’re depriving your body of much needed nutrition. Enjoy fruits and vegetables instead, and consider bringing your lunch a few days a week, rather than eating out. (There’s less temptation to overeat.) Eating at your desk is never a good idea, either, since you’re only inclined to keep working.

Think of a day at work as a long-distance run. You need plenty of water, not soft drinks or coffee. Keep water at your desk and drink it regularly. Staying hydrated maintains your body’s balance all day.

Exercise painlessly

Workplace exercise can be as simple as standing at the desk and stretching your arms and legs. Rather than taking the elevator every day, take the steps. Park your car farther from the office and enjoy a few extra minutes of fresh air. Before you know it, you’ll be looking for new opportunities to keep your body moving.

Practice ergonomics

If you haven’t had your workspace evaluated for proper ergonomic design, do so right away. Sitting the wrong way and straining to see the computer screen will adversely affect your health.

Think positively

Every healthy work habit contributes to perhaps the most important quality of all—a positive attitude and outlook. Think about how much you dislike being around negative people. When you focus on having a good mood, you feel better and the team responds positively as well.

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