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Earn respect and loyalty: 5 tips

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Here are five tips for winning respect and loyalty from those whom you supervise:

  1. Demonstrate the work ethic you expect from others. No manager should ask people to work harder than he or she is willing to. If you expect your workers to put in 10 hours a day, put in at least that much or more yourself.
  2. Be evenhanded. Don’t play favorites among subordinates.
  3. Set high ethical and moral standards and live up to them conspicuously. That will send a clear message to others about the level of performance you expect.
  4. Don’t grandstand. Refrain from lecturing, over-praising or humiliating subordinates in public. Keep all communications between individual employees and yourself private. If they want to talk about it, that’s their decision, not yours.
  5. Always keep your word. It’s wiser to under-promise and over-deliver to your employees than vice versa.

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