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Are You in Over Your Head?

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

Being promoted to a new role or project is an exciting time in your career, particu­larly if the additional responsibility repre­sents a significant step forward in your title, salary, and level of involvement with execu­tives and initiatives that make a real differ­ence in the company. Nevertheless, increased power often means overwhelming pressure to perform. Here are four ways to deal with the feeling that you’re in over your head:

Size the reality

Before you let the job angst affect your abilities, analyze the root causes behind your stress. Create a list of every problem you’re currently facing at work. Using the “5 Whys” approach condoned by The Lean Startup author Eric Ries, explore the real is­sues by asking “why” to every question and answer five times. Eventually, you’ll identify the real problems that lie beyond surface symptoms. Here’s an example of what an analysis might look like:

Problem statement: “I’m consta...(register to read more)

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