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Go ahead, let them butt heads!

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Many managers find nothing beneficial in the idea of conflict in the workplace. For them, conflict involves petty feuds among team members or a clash of personalities that makes for an unpleasant work environment. But there’s another way to regard conflict—and that’s as a healthy stimulus toward innovative business solutions and a freer atmosphere in which to constructively disagree about important issues.

David Roth, CEO of AppFirst and contributor to Forbes.com, says there are five things he’s learned about healthy conflict:

  1. It’s built on the rules and code of ethics established as part of company culture.
  2. Team members must get away from finger-pointing and work toward perceiving, understanding and respecting where others are coming from.
  3. Everyone’s opinion matters. They must be able to express them without fear of being bullied.
  4. There must be an understanding that if you don’t “win” you must respect that and get on board...(register to read more)

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