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An employee’s discontent goes viral

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in The Savvy Office Manager

A simple note to bosses: Treat employees right.

Your workers want honesty and integrity from you. They expect fairness. They want to trust and be trusted by you. They want to respect you, but they want it in return. They also need you to be dependable.

Those concepts can build a solid workplace foundation, but as one supervisor learned recently, they’re so fragile.

In a note to his manager that went viral on reddit.com, Joe Blumm, an attendant at a gas station in West Michigan, was fed up when his boss failed to show up to relieve him when his shift was up. Hastily scrawled on two notebook sheets and taped on the door were these words.


What happened next? Joe was fired.

The manager, according to published reports, admitted she was late that day, but argued that Joe never called her or anyone else about his plight. He just locked the door and went home. She also pointed out that Joe knew the consequences of his actions because he indicated in his note “Fire me if you must …”

Joe will almost certainly build a fan base of low-paid workers who feel their ilk is stiffed by management at every turn. Oh, how many employees wish they had the crust to pen such a note! He no longer has his gas station job, but he made his point. He may even land a much better job as a result.

As for the gas station, it gets its publicity, too—negative or otherwise.

But there’s a lesson here for the manager and every manager: Employees do want to be treated with dignity and respect.

Joe’s note is a cry for it.

(image: Reddit.com)

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