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Health Corner: Why Am I So Tired?

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Do you feel as if you've put in a full day's work when it's only 10 a.m.? Tiredness is a common complaint of many managers, and discovering its root cause is vital to keeping you on top of your game.


While a trip to the doctor may ultimately be in order, start by looking at the obvious: Are you getting enough sleep? Our fast-paced society encourages burning the midnight oil, but adults typically require seven to nine hours each night to function optimally. Schedule in sleep as you would any other important commitment, and see whether the extra ZZZs solve the problem.

Next, examine what you eat and drink. The sugar and caffeine you consume to try to combat fatigue can ultimately make you feel worse. A healthy diet encourages steady blood sugar levels, and drinking water throughout the day keeps the body functioning properly.

While exercising may sound like the last thing you want to do when tired, studies show that it can increase energy levels. Try it steadily for a month and see if the lethargy subsides.

Medical help

If these modifications don't help, consult your physician. The doctor may want to run blood tests to look for anemia, potassium deficiencies or a thyroid problem. He or she may also want rule out diabetes, undiagnosed heart disease and sleep apneaÑall of which can make a person drag.

Report any recent illnesses or changes in medication. Be prepared to discuss when the tiredness began, any patterns you've noticed and other potential symptoms. Feeling "worn out" is such a common complaint that any snippet of information that can lead in the direction of a possible cause is worth exploring.

And don't assume the culprit is a physical problem. Stress and depression can zap energy, and everything from office politics to your child going off to college can take a toll. Medication, therapy or relaxation and coping techniques may help restore your energy level.

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