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You call that brainstorming?

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Centerpiece,Meeting Management,Office Management

light bulb moment“Um… sorry, I got nothing.”

This is the typical response of a lot of people when you get them together to brainstorm. Why?

Innovation doesn’t have to come only from isolated geniuses who spend their days tinkering on sprawling campuses where the name of the company is mown into the lawn. It can come from the minds of working stiffs too, but to get ideas you can’t see coming from a mile away, you’ve got to force those minds to crash through the barriers that hold them captive. If you want to hold a brainstorming meeting that actually counts, it’s time to get audacious. Try these techniques:

1. Invite only those who want to play in the sandbox. You know which employees have imagination and are willing to volunteer it. Brainstorming thrives when the right minds are present—and when the wrong ones are left out. The silence of the meek, the conservative or the agenda-carrying sucks the energy out of a freeform think tank; bar the...(register to read more)

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