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Wage-and-Hour compliance: How to win the numbers game

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in Discrimination and Harassment,HR Management,Human Resources

Have you or any of your organization’s supervisors ever given the go-ahead to hourly employees to work through lunch so they could leave work an hour early for a special occasion? Sure you have. Who hasn’t?

But know this: Every time you do it, you’re probably breaking the law. Most states have laws requiring specific meal and rest breaks. They require you to record every hour of overtime your hourly employees work. They also require you to document all hours your employees spend on the job.

The U.S. Labor Department reports fully 70% of employers don’t follow those rules to the letter, which means they are violating wage-and-hour laws.

If your organization is part of that 70%, it could land in big legal trouble before long. The number of wage-and-hour claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has increased by 86% over the past 2½ years, and the number of FLSA class actions in that area has increased by 70%. In fact, ...(register to read more)

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