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How do we pay someone who gets sick after using all his paid leave?

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in Office Management,Payroll Management

Question: An employee exhausted all of his vacation and sick days, before he got sick again. He worked for only five days of our 15-day semimonthly pay period. Should he be paid for the entire pay period, or should he be docked for the days he didn’t work during that pay period?

Answer: You didn’t mention whether this em­­ployee is nonexempt or exempt under the FLSA. Non­­exempts need only be paid for the time they actually work and you may dock their salary for the time not worked.

On the other hand, if he’s exempt, you must have a plan that provides him with sick pay. Essentially, employees still receive their guaranteed salaries for the week, but it’s just being paid from two different buckets. However, you may dock his salary if he’s out sick and he’s run out of sick time or hasn’t yet qualified for sick time under your plan.

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