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Don’t dump on your top performers … but don’t go to the other extreme

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

It’s only normal when you have a priority project that needs to be done right the first time that you turn to one of your top-notch employees. If this occurs once in a while, it can be a great way to show your respect for and trust in your "superstars."

But when you start handing your top talent tight-deadline, high-priority projects day after day, you’re no longer offering them a challenge. You’ve crossed the line into “dumping” territory.

And when you dump work on your star performers, you’re courting burnout and dissatisfaction. Instead, spread tough assignments around.

On the other hand ...

Treating all your employees equally may sound like a good idea. But it can have disastrous effects on your best performers. While handing plum assignments to some of your mediocre workers may help jumpstart their motivation, it’s important not to forget about your high achievers.

Your star employees should be rewarded for their hard work and enthusiasm. They should not be treated like everyone else. Send some high-profile assignments their way.

Share information about what’s going on with your department and the company in general. Ask for their input when making decisions that will affect them. Start grooming them for supervisory positions.

Note: Keep in mind that if there are no employees under you who can fill your shoes, your promotability may be affected.

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