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Stop spreading stress like a virus

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in Workplace Communication

If you’re always in a rush and constantly stressed out, chances are you’re making your co-workers feel stressed, too. The Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenbarger spoke to experts to get tips on how to slow down and stop spreading your stress.

  • Include interruptions. When you plan projects, include time for interruptions. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out when co-workers come by with questions.
  • Pipe down. Talking fast and loud can come across as stressful. Next time you find yourself doing this, take a few breaths to help lower your voice and slow down your speech.
  • See yourself. Visualize yourself at the office. Are you always rushing around and talking at a frantic pace? Use visualization to see how you’re acting out your stress.

— Adapted from “How Busy Colleagues Spread Secondhand Stress,” Sue Shellenbarger, The Wall Street Journal.

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