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1-Minute Strategies: April 2014

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in Workplace Communication

Say “ummm” no more. If the thought of making a presentation to co-workers makes you nervous, it may be time to join Toast­­­­masters. The organization has clubs in cities around the globe, boasts about 300,000 members worldwide and has been helping people build ­public-speaking skills for nearly nine decades.

Be nice or your company will pay the price. When people at all levels aren’t supportive, en­­couraging and helpful to new employees, it’s bad for business in the long run, a study in the Academy of Man­­age­­ment Journal says. Employees who had negative experiences early on performed worse and were more likely to quit in a year.

Trust starts at the top. To build trust on your team, stop asking whether others are worthy of your trust and in­­stead ask whether you’re worthy of theirs. Stop overpromising and underperforming, micromanaging and failing to own your actions.

Bigger is better when it comes to coffee cups. A study led by David DuBois of HEC Paris found that people who ordered larger drinks were perceived by others as having a higher status. Want to appear more important and impressive? Buy the biggest coffee you can get.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from a boss? Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson surprised her assistant with a new house for Christ­­mas. He freaked out, and the video of his reaction went viral.

Want to make a change in your habits? Try LittleBit, an iOS application that supports users in changing their habits by helping them set little goals for each day, use photos to capture progress and earn rewards for reaching goals. Docu­­ment­­ing your goals with pictures each day allows you to go back and review your previous accomplishments. And LittleBit awards you with “bits” each time you successfully complete a goal. When you get 21 bits, it congratulates you.

— Adapted from “LittleBit Encourages You to Build Better Habits with Points and Photos,” Alan Henry, Lifehacker.

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