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Take the easy road with these Google Maps tips

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Google Maps underwent a major redesign last year, getting a new look and new features that are worth taking for a test drive. Consider taking advantage of these four Google Maps improvements touted by Sara Roncero-Menendez at Mashable.

  1. Map all your stops before you head out. Before the redesign, Google Maps allowed you to map a route only between two places. Now you can add as many stops as you want by clicking the plus sign directly under the written directions.
  2. Find something fun to do. You can turn to Google Maps for information on upcoming events. When you tap on an event venue, you get a list of upcoming events and can even buy tickets.
  3. See more of the sights. Google also has a photo carousel feature, available by clicking the colored squares in the bottom right corner, which gives a variety of relevant images.
  4. Operate offline. Instead of eating up your data using Google Maps on the go, you can save the map before you leave the house. Search for your directions, type “Okay Maps” in the search bar, press search, and Google will save your map on the screen and help you access directions while you’re offline.

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