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Timesaving Outlook Favorites

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in Microsoft Email Outlook,Office Technology

People often overlook Outlook Favorites on the Navigation Pane. It is, however, an amazing productivity tool! For example, you can always see just your unread items (any folder), only those items flagged for follow-up, or email messages from a particular person on a particular topic, and all without wading through screens and screens of folders. The Favorites (Folder) appears at the top of the Navi­­ga­­tion Pane on the left side of the Out­­look window. You can have both folders and Search Folders in Favorites.


You can either click and drag folders to this section or right-click on them and choose Show in Favorites. For ex­ample, if you have a lot of folders, but primarily use only two or three, you can put those in Favorites. “Put” doesn’t really mean you’re moving them anywhere. If you’ve ever marked a Web page as a Favorite in your browser program, it is the same idea here. You essentially create a bookmark to it...(register to read more)

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