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Investigate all allegations of harassment, even those made by poor performers

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

Just because an employee is doing a lousy job doesn’t mean she isn’t also being sexually harassed.

Ignoring her complaints and focusing strictly on her performance may backfire if you terminate her. A jury may decide that harassment affected her performance or that, even if you fired her for legitimate reasons, she deserves compensation for the har­­ass­­ment she endured.

Recent case: A friend of Eartha’s recommended that she apply for a job at the municipal agency where the woman’s husband worked. She got the job and found herself being supervised by the husband. It wasn’t long before he began making passes at her.

First, the supervisor put his arm around her and tried to kiss the side of her head. She protested and said his behavior was unwanted. Later, he put his arm around Eartha’s shoulder and she abruptly pushed him away. She said, “I have told you about this before, don’t do that.” She warned him to stop, saying, “You...(register to read more)

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