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Method’s genesis of a great idea

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Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry grew up six blocks apart near Detroit. Still, it took them years to launch green soap company Method.

Lowry, working on climate science research, grew frustrated that its findings were not better known. He decided that business, “the most powerful institution on the planet,” was the way to go.

Ryan also wanted to start a business. He’d decided to “find a consumer category that was big and established but had missed a cultural shift. In that gap would be a niche no one else had.”

One day, Ryan opened a Snapple and thought, “Why can’t Pine-Sol smell like this? What if this was a cleaning product?”

He told Lowry. “With a cultural shift toward healthy living,” Ryan says, “I would approach cleaning products from the design perspective and Adam would approach it from the eco perspective.” Voila.

— Adapted from “Mopping up with Method,” Dinah Eng.

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