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Word to the wise: Stay on task

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Stanford business professor Jeffrey Pfeffer looked at the research on power. Then he zeroed in on elements the powerful possess.

  1. Energy and physical stamina. High achievers are relentless, working 60-65 hours per week, or six 10-hour days.
  2. Focus. They stay on task and think ahead.
  3. Sensitivity to others. Empathy is essential. It means acknowledging others and pointing them toward your goals.
  4. Flexibility. The ability to pivot, to shift your approach when what you’re doing isn’t working, helps you acquire the allies and resources you need.
  5. Tolerance for conflict. This skill allows you to roll with the punches to accomplish what you want. And if you back down every time it looks like a fight is coming, you’re not going to win. Just letting people know you’re willing to fight pays off.
  6. Ego suppression. Keep your eye on the prize.

— Adapted from “What very successful people have in common,” Eric Barker, The Week.

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