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Leadership Tips: Vol. 314

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Five-minute favors. That’s what Adam Grant calls quick gifts like making in­­tro­­ductions, mentoring, tweeting praise and sharing your expertise, which studies show help leaders become even more successful. Why? Because generosity is understood and rewarded.

— Adapted from Give and Take, Adam Grant, Viking.

Three lessons for leaders.  Neil Blumenthal, co-CEO of online eyeglasses retailer Warby Parker, has learned a few things. Here are three: (1) Lack of sleep really does impede productivity. (2) Don’t necessarily go with the lowest bid. (3) You’re not as smart as you think you are.

— Adapted from “Exit Interview: Neil Blumenthal,” with Issie Lapowsky, Inc.

Surprise them. In his latest book, Malcolm Gladwell says that when the odds are against you, bold calculation can reverse them. He tells how Law­­rence of Arabia led his band of Bedouins 600 miles through the desert in a surprise attack: “The Turks simply had not thought that their opponent would be crazy enough to come from the desert.”

— Adapted from David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell, Little, Brown.

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